The field we chose to get involved in is not random. We are a privately held equipment and services provider for the food service industry (hotels, restaurants, catering, cafes, bars) and food retail industry. We have been working for more than three years with chef Horia Vîrlan, who has been involved in cooking demonstrations and offering advice on equipment use in a professional kitchen.

The program started as a cooking workshop lasting 60 minutes, where master cook Horia Vîrlan, along with high school students, were involved in preparations of the proposed menus.

During the workshop, the youngsters cooked with Horia and learned to keep in mind a few essential things in the kitchen: personal hygiene, utensil and cooking equipment cleaning, the use of fresh and healthy ingredients and the use of simple cooking techniques.

For an hour, the work was interactive and fun, designed to arouse the interest of young people for cooking and healthy cuisine and to develop such skills like teamwork, focusing on individual tasks and group cooperation to achieve a common goal. Horia took care to involve on rotation, as many teams of students.

Finally, DAAS awarded certificates of participation at the "Healty Tasty" workshop signed by chef Horia Vîrlan of course.