Design, Architecture & Planning

We have a team of professional designers, architects, planning engineers and technologists with up to 30 years of experience, who work closely with our project managers and sales professionals in order to deliver each project according to our clients’ requirements in every business field: HoReCa, Commercial/industrial refrigeration, Shelves, HoReCa Furniture and Office.

We deliver complete projects for equipment and furniture placement, as well as utility plans for water installations, drainage, electric, ventilation and alimentation with gas or technological steam.

Our services include:

Refrigeration system planning

Kitchen equipment and dishwasher planning

Commercial food and non-food space design and planning

Restaurant, cafeteria, café, public space design and planning

New concept design

Warranty service
We offer standard 18 month warranty for all our equipment.

Extended Warranty Pack of 24 months includes a preventive maintenance contract in order to preserve the equipment for longer.

DAAS Service teams ensures:
Optimal functioning of the equipment.

Repairing equipment provided by DAAS or other suppliers

Testing and optimizing equipment performance

Staff training on using and maintaining the equipment

Cyclical monitoring and preventive maintenance for extending the functioning life of the equipment

Post-warranty service
Services under flexible conditions according to the volume, the origin and the age of the equipment, as well as the estimated repair time.

HoReCA equipments

Commercial and industrial refrigeration systems

Ventilation equipment

Commercial furniture accessories