Our VISION is to leave an enduring legacy of progress in shaping the commercial and industrial landscape of the future.

Our MISSION is to set the bar in engineering & project management services and build opportunity everywhere, while remaining true to its values and committed to its narrative.


  • People & Relationships

    We respect individual valor, dependability, dedication and self-motivation.

    We strive to recognize, attract, stimulate, reward and show loyalty, creative, passionate and determined people in the life of our organization, be them clients, partners or personnel.

    We believe in building enduring relationships based on honesty and credibility, and in inspiring people to do better and be better through lifelong education and learning.

    We believe that our clients define us. Their professional and ethical standards, as well as their prestige, mirror the way we conduct our business, with honor and openness.

    We are one. One team, one family. The right people, doing the right thing at the right time.

  • Integrity

    We act with honesty and honor, and we behave professionally and responsibly in all our dealings.

    We understand clearly that to succeed we must do what is right at all times, upholding an independent perspective without compromising the truth.

  • Excellence

    We regard excellence as a choice, a commitment and a lifelong practice.

    We borrow honesty and fairness and behave professionally and responsibly in everything we do.

    We adhere to the highest professional standards and use our entire capacity to deliver the best of the company to all our clients, having a key stake in all outcomes.

    We reward trust and loyalty with performance, maximizing the results of all efforts involved.

  • Innovation & Growth

    We prove flexibility and initiative in pursuing new creative ideas that have the potential to change our industry and design the landscape of the future.

    We embrace the value of intelligent risk-taking by challenging the status-quo and engaging in constructive confrontations of ideas.

    We are not afraid to take the unbeaten path, and encourage our people to be curious, courageous and open-minded to opportunity.

    Innovation is our strategic compass as we evolve fast, anticipate and embrace change, seek options, and find advanced & sustainable tailored solutions.

    Growth is a measure of our strength and advancement, and a requirement not only for prosperity, but also for survival.

  • Ownership (accountable & ethical governance)

    We believe in responsible and effective management of all entrusted resources now and in the long term, so as to leave things better than we found them

    We are committed to preserving and enhancing the value of our company, and to caring about the needs and priorities of our stakeholders past ourselves.

    Each one of us is the same person at work as one is at home, dedicated to doing good for the whole and to treating the company as if one were a founder. DAAS is mine.